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    FigureSpin™ - Fitness Twister Board

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    “Only one word can describe this product: Great! I was specifically looking for an abs/ waist burning exercise tool. And I found it! It's high quality. I started using it right away. I can feel the tension on my abdominal and waist. I love the massaging feature - it's very stress-relieving. Give yourself that special gift. ENJOY!”

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    During stacked long workweeks, it can become tough to find the time to go to the gym or to find the motivation to work out at home without any equipment. Due to an inadequate motivating atmosphere at home for the average homeowner, it can steer homeowners away from even staying consistent with exercising. This leaves homeowners without the willpower to exercise at home finding it uninspiring and boring, especially when work responsibilities already make it more difficult.

    Introducing FigureSpin, the fitness twister board that offers an array of exercises targeting different muscle groups at the convenience of the person’s home. The fitness twister board provides an aerobic exercise targeting your abdominal area by turning to the sides as you step on the device. A new creative way to exercise at home that promotes weight loss and mental relief for every homeowner with long days and little inspiration to exercise.


    ✅ AEROBICS AT HOME: Designed to offer numerous exercises by twisting your body targeting the abdominal muscle group to slim abs, hips, and thighs. An exciting device that encourages blood circulation to create an effective aerobic workout for homeowners.

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    RAPID CALORIE BURNER: The FigureSpin is specially designed through considerations and experiments to effectively and rapidly burn calories. This allows homeowners to spend less time exercising to gain more results.

    ✅ REFLEXOLOGY ACUPUNCTURE: Studded with acupressure nodes to stimulate one's meridian point to promote good health when one exercises. This allows the person to exercise while massaging one’s feet.

    EASY TO USE:  Straightforward exercises and easy-to-use functionality allow homeowners to truly enjoy the exercise and easily stay consistent to achieve their goals. Simply by placing both feet in place, bend your knees and twist at the waist in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion.


    We understand that finding joy to exercise at home when the atmosphere does not allow for it becomes challenging to start or stay consistent. Whether we do not have the time to grab a gym membership or the budget to spend considerable money to purchase equipment, the motivation to exercise continues to dwindle. According to many studies, home fitness became more popular following Covid, which is why it’s time to think creatively to suit your fitness goals best.

    Thankfully FigureSpin adds spice to home fitness by encouraging a fantastic aerobics exercise to become even slimmer. Simply by placing the feet and twisting the hips, the core abdominal muscle areas are engaged to rapidly burn calories promoting joy while exercising. Promoting total body wellness and the inspiration to keep on going, twist the body, and let the FigureSpin massage the feet at the same time. 




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