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    AngelCarry™ - Ergonomic Baby Hip Seat Carrier

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    "I wish I would've bought this a couple of months earlier. It is the most helpful thing! My 5 month old hates being put down and doesn't like being worn in a carrier, so I was never able to get anything done around the house. With this, I can hold him safely and comfortably. He's happy, and I can get more done! One month later, and I still absolutely love it"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kristin Henry
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    Traveling with babies can be delightful, however, it can also be complicated due to having to attend to the babies’ every need and emotion. Not having a proper carrier leaves babies unaligned and uncomfortable, which leads them to throw tantrums and become upset while being held. This leaves a neverending tense feeling which can not only make traveling a stressful time but strips away the intimacy and bond the activity is supposed to be.

    Introducing the AngelCarry™, the ergonomic hip seat baby carrier that provides babies with an ergonomic, comfortable, and intimate traveling experience. AngelCarry™ offers hands-free enjoyment with a round chamfer seat design that allows babies to be positioned in a natural, ergonomic, and comfortable position. Enjoy a carrier that allows babies to be comfortable and joyful, to create memorable and heartwarming parenthood experiences.


    ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The AngelCarry™ is molded to a round chamfer seat for the baby to sit with a natural and ergonomic posture. Keep babies aligned and comfortable to maintain happiness and joy during travels.

    HANDY POCKETS: The carrier provides several handy-dandy pockets to fit multiple items. The AngelCarry™ allows the ability always to have the baby’s physical needs anywhere on the go.

    PRIME MATERIAL & COMFORT: The AngelCarry™ is made with skin-friendly breathable polyester fiber material. Elevate relief on the shoulders and abdominals for longer traveling durations.

    REFLECTIVE STRIP: The front of the carrier has 2 strategically placed reflective strips. Be seen and feel safe throughout travels no matter the time of day with the AngelCarry™.


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    We understand the discomfort and stress that parents face in their travels with their babies, you can only do so much to make your baby happy. It can be dreadful traveling without the appropriate gear to help babies and parents feel fully comfortable while traveling. According to studies, carrying the babies is essential to the mental state and health of the babies, as it reduces crying, enhances connection, and promotes good health by regulating the baby’s breathing, temperature, and heartbeat.

    Thankfully AngelCarry™ exhibits the perfect technology to provide babies with good health and emotions, creating a wholesome and joyous experience while traveling. Ergonomically designed with a hands-free round chamfer seat design, intelligently crafted with premium quality to provide a comfortable and natural ergonomic position during travels. Enjoy intimate and memorable parenthood experiences, by allowing babies to feel comfortable and safe while traveling out and about.




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