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    BellyJoy™ - Maternity Relieve Support Belt

    Sable Black
    Calm Cream
    Rose Pink

    " My doctor recommended this to me and I highly recommended it for anyone who is pregnant! It supports your back and belly so well. This is my third pregnancy and I wish I had bought this with my other pregnancies!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Mariagrace
    Verified Buyer

    Lack of support and comfort for a growing belly during pregnancy can lead to significant discomfort and unease. Lack of security and comfort in the belly area makes it challenging to maintain a stable and comfortable posture while performing daily activities. This constant stress and strain on the body not only make daily activities more difficult but can also disrupt the overall sense of peace during a sensitive time.

    Introducing the BellyJoy™, the maternity support belt designed to elevate comfort and relief at every stage of expectant mothers. The BellyJoy™ offers advanced 360° breathable elastic and compression technology that gently hugs the body, providing targeted support exactly where it’s needed the most. Enjoy the joys of pregnancy, with optimal alignment and comfort allowing for the full enjoyment of the beauty of motherhood.


    ✅ TARGETED SUPPORT: Designed for maximum comfort, when the BellyJoy™ is in use there’s 360° compression support all around the tummy and back. This immediately balances and aligns the body while gently protecting the baby.

    ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT MESH: The BellyJoy™ is strategically built with breathable and comfortable mesh that feels weightless around the mid-body. This makes it convenient to do day-to-day activities while staying fresh and energized.

    ✅ ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Experience personalized comfort with the BellyJoy™, featuring the ability to adjust the size and compression. Adjust the size as the belly grows, and find full utility from the first trimester to the very last.

    USE POST-PREGNANCY: Continue to utilize the BellyJoy™ even after delivering. Improve postpartum recovery as the compression effectively tightens the abdomen and aids the restoration of the pre-pregnancy physique.


    We understand the immense responsibility of ensuring your own comfort and well-being during pregnancy, as you can only do so much to alleviate the unavoidable strains and discomforts. It can be worrisome to constantly check and readjust your posture to maintain a stable and comfortable position while carrying out daily tasks. According to recent studies by the CDC, approximately 75% of pregnant women experience back pain, making it a common challenge faced during pregnancy.

    Thankfully, the BellyJoy™ is here to provide essential comfort and support, resulting in a joyful and secure experience throughout pregnancy. Designed with safety in mind, the 360° breathable elastic compression technology wraps around the body gently, targeting and supporting required areas of support. Embrace the peace and tranquility of a supported pregnancy with the BellyJoy™, allowing for maximum relaxation and enjoyment during this precious and memorable journey.


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