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    CampFeast™ - Camping Cook Set

    “As the chef of my friends, I bought this set for a camping trip we took. Not only was it cute and compact, but we also had a blast cooking our meals at our campsite! The set fits easily in a backpack and to my surprise warmed up the meals easier than expected.” 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Charlie T
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    Cooking food in the wilderness can be a significant challenge, especially when burdened with loads of cooking essentials and other camping gear. While packing food and cooking gear is vital for survival, the countless amount of tools and utensils to carry can add unnecessary stress during the trip. This drains the joy and peace from the outdoor experience, leaving the trip feeling overwhelming and unsatisfying.

    Introducing CampFeast™, the ultimate camping cooking set that revolutionizes and elevates the outdoor cooking experience. This all-in-one compact, space-efficient, and easy-to-carry container stores all the essential cookware. Enjoy the convenience of a lightweight and energy-saving solution with the CampFeast™ camping cook set, enabling easy maneuvering through the grounds with minimal effort.

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    TOUGH & DURABLE: Crafted with non-toxic anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the chosen materials make the CampFeast™ full of durability and toughness. This build provides a cooking set with longevity and reliability for any adventure.

    LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: The CampFeast™ is Intelligently designed to be lightweight at 16oz and seamlessly stores 9 separate cookware pieces in a compact container. This creates extra space for other essentials and a lighter load.

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    EASY TO CLEAN: Made with premium high-quality material, the CampFeast™ Is made with material that’s easy to scrub down and clean. It takes minimal effort to clean the kit therefore there is more energy to jump back into the adventure.

    ANTI-HEAT & ANTI-SLIP HANDLES: The CampFeast™ features anti-heat and anti-slip handles on the pots and utensils. This increasingly adds a layer of safety by protecting the hands from the hot yummy food that is cooking up.



    1. Attach the CampFeast compact stove to a propane tank.

    2. Twist the valve counterclockwise.

    3. Once you hear a hissing sound, press the lighter button and enjoy!

    We understand it’s no easy task to luggage around a ton to and from the camping site, there’s only so much you can carry. It can be frustrating having to create a list of what needs to be brought knowing space is limited and energy needs to be conserved for the actual trip.  According to various camping surveys and studies, approximately 60% to 70% of campers report experiencing challenges with carrying all the essential gear and supplies needed for their camping trips.

    Thankfully, the CampFeast™ cooking set allows for cooking hot foods outdoors with ease while saving a ton of room to bring all essential tools and gear. This is all done without adding extra weight as the cookware is stored together in an all-in-one compact, space-efficient, and easy-to-carry container making it extremely convenient to carry around the trip. Enjoy the ultimate solution to experience the utmost experience of having the energy and motivation to enjoy the outdoors.


    Carry Bag: 4.9 x 6.5in

    Tableware Length: 6.3in



    (1) X Compact Stove

    (2) X Aluminum Non-Stick Pots

    (3) X Stainless Steel Tableware (Spoon, Fork, Knife)

    (1) X Tank Bracket

    (1) X Stainless Steel Cup (16oz)

    (1) X Silicon Insulated Cup Protector

    (2) X Carry Bags



    We are not responsible for damages or overheating that may be caused by the heat source or propane tank which is not included.

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