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    CozyCrawler™ - Comfy Cotton Baby Lounger

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    “Great cushiony lounger pillow for baby. So far our little guy (1 week old and 7 lbs.) loves it, as do mom and dad. It gives us the confidence to be able to run to another room to grab something if needed— a newborn definitely cannot roll out of it.”

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    Keeping children in a comfortable and safe place to hang out and relax is among the many important tasks of keeping them happy. Not having a secure and comfortable area for babies to lounge leaves them anxious and uneasy which makes it difficult to make sure they stay in place. This leaves constant stress for the child which can not only make time at home stressful but can strip away the feeling of peace the home is supposed to provide.

    Introducing the CozyCrawler™, a lounging cushion designed to cuddle the baby’s entire body, providing a safe and cozy relaxing experience. CozyCrawler™ offers puffing padding in all corners to simulate the sensation of being touched and held while keeping them secure so they peacefully stay in one place. Enjoy the versatility and comfort, whether it’s used for playtime or to unwind, babies will be in comfort and in safe hands.


    SNUGGED SENSATION: Designed to provide a snugged sensation, the CozyCrawler™ offers puffy padding in all corners of the premium cushion. This immediately calms and comforts the baby as if they were being held gently in the arms.

    PERFECT FOR TUMMY TIME: With its multi-use functionality, CozyCrawler™ allows babies to move in different positions, such as tummy time position. The softness and support of the cushion allow them to get daily tummy time in comfort.


    SITTING-UP SUPPORT: When it’s time for activities sitting up, CozyCrawler™ includes a vast indentation in the cushion to sit up and lay in. This grants extra support in case the baby moves around or falls while sitting up, they'll land on a padded cushion without harm.

    BREATHABLE COTTON FABRIC: The CozyCrawler™ is strategically crafted with puffy breathable cotton fabric to increase comfort and satisfaction. This provides infants with a soothing soft touch and a cooling experience while lounging.


    We understand it's no easy task to make sure your child is happy and out of harm's way, you can only do so much. It can be worrisome having to constantly check and reassure infants are safe during rest and playtime while working on household tasks nearby. According to recent studies by the CDC, roughly 8,000 children are treated in U.S. emergency rooms for fall-related injuries every day.

    Thankfully CozyCrawler™ exhibits the necessary comfort for children to lounge, sit up, and have tummy time resulting in a joyful and secure experience. Designed with safety in mind, the breathable padding provides the sensation of feeling touched and held so babies feel safe and sound and will securely stay in place. Enjoy a peaceful baby, by allowing them to kick back and relax safely.




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    The CozyCrawler - Comfy Cotton Baby Lounger should not be used as a sleeping tool or device. Supervision should be held at all times while using the lounger.

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