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    CozyDreams™ - Flexible Self-Soothing Swaddle

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    "It feels smooth against the skin and absorbs sweat well, and the zipper is made so that it doesn't directly touch the baby's skin. The double zipper makes it easy to change diapers."

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    Swaddling plays a crucial role in creating a safe and nurturing environment for little ones to relax and feel secure. Lack of comfort and security leaves babies feeling unsettled and anxious, making it challenging for them to find a sense of calmness to stay asleep. This constant unease not only disrupts the peace of the home but also adds unnecessary stress to the household's energy and sleep routine.

    Introducing CozyDreams™, the revolutionaryself-soothing swaddle that empowers children to independence and a bedtime routine. CozyDreams™ offers a safe starfish design that allows little ones to feel warm and swaddled independently by providing a larger range of motion. Enjoy the power the self-soothing swaddle has to offer, and let the household embark on priceless restfulness and tranquility.


    SOFT & BREATHABLE: CozyDreams™ is strategically constructed with 4-way stretch fabric constituting 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This makes it perfect for year-round comfort due to its breathability and elasticity which allows children to push up, roll over, and wiggle around safely.

    SELF-SOOTHING DESIGN: Designed to provide a snugged sensation, the CozyDreams™ swaddle offers a comfy starfish design accurately simulating the feeling of being swaddled. This allows babies to self-soothe themselves to sleep by providing a larger range of motion for their arms and legs.

    ✅ VERSATILE USE: Experience a swaddle that is built with a 2-way zipper and detachable features. CozyDreams™ makes it seamless to adjust to various positions, take off the mitts to allow little ones to grip objects, or unzip the legs and torso making it a smooth transition to a diaper change.

    ONE PIECE DESIGN: CozyDreams™ simplifies a baby's swaddling routine with a one-piece design that does it all by being a sleeping bag, a blanket, and a swaddle. Just wash it inside out and tumble dry on low saving valuable time and effort along with eliminating the need for multiple sleeping products.



    We understand how high-maintenance newborns can be, especially in the middle of the night, constantly having to wake up to attend to their various issues. It can be draining going through various methods to calm down a child, eventually leading to a constant cycle of sleepless nights thus making it difficult to function during the day. According to a recent study, swaddling has been shown to improve sleep quality and duration for babies, with 8 out of 10 parents reporting positive effects on their infants' sleep patterns.

    Thankfully CozyDreams™ exhibits the necessary comfort for babies to feel snug and secure resulting in the highest quality of sleep throughout the night. Designed with safety as a top priority, the safe starfish design replicates the intimate sensation of touch and gentle embrace allowing them to self-soothe and peacefully stay asleep without limiting their range of motion. Enjoy the transformative power of the CozyDream and create a soothing haven for little ones, ensuring they feel safe and sound as they dream.



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