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    Glute'EmUp™ - Hip Thrust Belt

    Leather Black
    Lavish Pink

    "This hip thrust belt is a life saver for my hips. The barbell always hurts, and this lets me get my hip thrusts in pain free. Bringing this to the gym every time!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sarah
    Verified Buyer


    While pushing to reach fitness goals, it can become painful to grip bars continuously during workouts. The uneasy grip of holding onto a bar or dumbbell can steer gym goers from staying consistent and motivated with weight lifting. This leaves gym goers with a lack of endurance finding the gym to be painful and difficult, especially if hand injuries begin to arise.

    Introducing Glute’EmUp™, the hip thrust belt that serves as a tool enabling the ability to hit glute exercises without having to grip a bar. The thrust belt provides a space on each end to equip dumbbells or kettlebells for a satisfying and convenient workout. It’s a new comfortable way to exercise to boost motivation and reach fitness goals while protecting the hands.


    DURABLE BUILD: The Gluet’EmUp™ is designed with strong heavy-duty nylon material that’s tough and effective. The technology builds longevity and high intensity for any workout.

    EASY TO USE: Built to be simple, simply wrap around the waist and place weights on each end of the belt. Jump in and out of a workout with full momentum and switch weights instantly.

    VERSATILE USE: Beyond glute exercises, our belt can be used in a variety of exercises. Push it to the limit with leg, thigh, and hip exercises for a balanced and fulfilling workout.

    HANDS-FREE WORKOUTS: The exceptional design that seamlessly straps around the body allows for various hands-free exercises. Workouts remain comfortable while pushing it to the limit!


    We understand how painful it can be to grip bars or dumbbells throughout a workout evidently causing pain in the hands and wrists. The motivation and results begin to dwindle when we start to feel undesirable aching during a workout. According to many studies, pain during physical activity, is a signal that you are putting much strain on a muscle or tendon and should stop.

    Thankfully Glute’EmUp™ adds necessary protection for longer and more beneficial workouts to obtain fitness goals. Simply attach a dumbbell or kettlebell to each end of the belt and perform various exercises while promoting the joy of exercising. Feeling energized and being protected is essential to a great workout, glute ‘em up and power through every workout secure and in comfort.




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