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    JollyCamper™ - Mosquito Net Tent Hammock

    Jungle Camouflage
    Forest Green
    Shadow Black
    Aqua Blue

    "Got this for my son before his first Boy Scout Campout. I'll tell you, he was the envy of all the other scouts. The attached mosquito net is perfect, he slept outside several nights with ZERO bugs or bites. Several of the other parents said they would be ordering after the campout. So simple and wonderful design."

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ryan B Nelson
    ✅ Verified Buyer 


    It’s no question that camping is truly one of America’s greatest past times, however, the wilderness doesn't provide a safe place to sleep. A regular tent provides weak protection from bugs and various weather conditions, thus leaving campers irritated and uncomfortable while trying to rest. Poor protection results in illness and bug bites which not only can ruin the camping trip but can have anyone heading home early unsatisfied and in sorrow.

    Introducing the JollyCamper™, a uniquely formulated hammock with a 360° bug protection net that prevents bug bites while resting. The JollyCamper™ positively contributes to any camping experience through a promise of premium quality and a guarantee of protection, convenience, and a safe place to sleep. Experience the peace of mind of being protected while enjoying what the outdoors has to offer.


    STRONG & DURABLE: The hammock is constructed with tear-resistant material, and held up by sturdy stainless steel carabiners. Altogether, the JollyCamper™ provides stability, durability, and strength to hold a maximum capacity of 600lbs.

    WEATHER RESISTANT TARP: The specialized tarp is made with canvas designed to withstand various weather conditions. The extra layer of protection builds confidence to rest in any situation, for example, rain, hail, the hot bright sun, and more.

    PROTECTIVE NET: The JollyCamper™ is assembled with a 360° protective net that’s breathable and waterproof. The safeguard technology presents comfortability and maximum protection while resting and relaxing.

    MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Not only is the JollyCamper™ perfect for camping, but it can also be used for different activities. Set it up in the backyard for a special resting spot, or spice up a birthday party with a unique swigging attraction, the possibilities are endless!

    EASY TO CARRY: The JollyCamper™ hammock folds up and fits seamlessly into the included sleek drawstring bag. Enjoy the luxury of carrying a lightweight hammock that's easy to pack up and haul no matter the intensity of the adventure.

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    1. Place straps around 2 trees.
    1. Connect the carabiners to the tree strap loops.
    1. Pull away the zipper to open up the hammock and enjoy!


    We understand how frustrating it can be having to deal with bugs while trying to enjoy your camping trip. It can be painful and irritating getting bitten and finding yourself itching and scratching during and after the trip. Recent studies reveal that mosquitos are the deadliest animal on Earth, responsible for over 1 million deaths each year.

    The JollyCamper™ is the perfect hammock for any camper who wants peace of mind from bug bites while obtaining well-deserved rest. The JollyCamper™ not only protects from bugs, but it’s also cozy and convenient to rest in. Enjoy the new wave experience of camping outdoors, with protection, convenience, and a safe place to sleep for any camping trip!




    (1) X JollyCamper™ Hammock

    (1) X Hammock Tarp

    (6) X Rope

    (2) X Double Ring Tree Strap

    (2) X Large Steel Buckle

    (2) X Long Alumunim Nails

    (1) X Drawstring Bag

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