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    Joyous™ - Trendy Anti Theft Purse Bag

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    “I LOVE this backpack! I travel a lot and didn’t like carrying a tote or open-top purse in an airport or on a plane. I was searching for something as roomy as a tote but more secure against theft. It is just too easy for someone to reach into and take something from a tote.”

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    Unfortunately, theft is a growing issue all around the world and most likely occurs without the victim even knowing. Not having a secure and safe place to keep belongings raises the probability of them being stolen without knowing, making it difficult to enjoy travel. This leaves frustration and can ruin the trip when theft occurs, it can be especially devastating with sentimental belongings that can’t be replaced.

    Introducing Joyous™, the anti-theft bag manufactured with hidden compartments providing peace of mind knowing belongings are safe. Joyous™ is constructed with multiple pockets and zipper closures for maximum protection of belongings, for a bag that provides security and style. Enjoy the relief of knowing possessions are safe and secure while staying fashionable, and have the benefit of being prepared for any adventure.


    ANTI-THEFT ZIPPER: The stylishly covered zippers Joyous™ includes are designed as an effective anti-theft mechanism to keep entryways to the bag hidden. This adds a seamless extra layer of protection to confidently secure and protect items in the pockets.

    MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS: Joyous™ is made with multiple compartments, including a main pocket, 1 inner zip pocket, 2 small inner pockets, 2 side zip pockets, and 1 front zip pocket. These pockets are intelligently crafted to have minimal visibility keeping them hidden safely.

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    DURABLE & WATERPROOF: The durable leather materials Joyous™ is built with contain waterproof and durable scratch-resistant attributes. This allows long-lasting use, perfect use throughout all seasons of the year no matter the climate.

    MODERN & STYLISH: Joyous™ is an easy-to-carry lightweight modern anti-theft purse with comfortable detachable long shoulder straps and sowed fabric lining. Choose from several fashionably designed colors that go superbly go well with any kind of outfit.


    We understand how horrifying and draining it can be to lose belongings during trips, you can only do so much to prevent this situation from happening. It can be frustrating consistently checking if our valuables are still on us which can take away our allocation of enjoyment and peacefulness of the voyage. According to studies, upwards of 400,000 pickpocketing incidents occur worldwide every single day.

    Thankfully Joyous™ is a bag that remains fashionable while providing the extra needed level of protection to ensure safety for personable valuables. Joyous™ is built with waterproof durable leather material stitched with fabric lining and back zipper closers sowed with a cute tassel creating a joyous and protected look. Enjoy safe traveling while modeling a bag that provides essential security and peace of mind.




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