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    KiddoStory™ - Montessori Sensory Travel Book


    "Kids love to try all the different activities. A zipper, buttons, learn to tie shoes, etc. I gave this gift to a one year old and she won’t put it down!"

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    Cognitive and sensory learning is essential to a child’s development, a lack of fine and gross motor skills can occur due to a lack of sensory engagement. It's concerning to see children continuously staring mindlessly at devices throughout the day slowly seeing them become unattached to reality. This causes worrisome about a child's well-being, to have a child's eyes glued to a screen along with obtaining withdrawals from technology.

    Introducing KiddoStory™, a Montessori Sensory Book designed for kids to interact with real-world sensory activities. KiddoStory™ offers a learning while play experience that’s educational and travelable, providing activities that stimulate cognitive and sensory brain development screen-free. Enjoy the perks of Montessori learning and watch how children problem-solve and explore the world through sensory activities. 


    ✅ REAL-WORLD SENSORY ACTIVITIES: TheKiddoStory™ offers real-world activities, for example, tying shoes, opening and closing zippers, etc. This encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity.

    ✅ LEARNING WHILE PLAYING: This KiddoStory™ provides many pages of interactive educational games and tasks. This allows children to have an enjoyable learning experience while being able to develop key motor skills.

    ✅ EASY TO TRAVEL WITH: Constructed to be travelable with its lightweight, hand-carry handle, and travelable size of 8.7in x 7.8in. Take a fun and educating tool seamlessly everywhere on the go.

    ✅ EASILY WASHABLE: TheKiddoStory™ is made with soft and premium fabric for any kind of situation. Easily put it in a washing machine bag (not included) and throw it in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.


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    We understand how ridiculous and unideal it is to have a device aid in a child's cognitive and motor development skills. It’s alarming and difficult when children become screen addicted and obtain withdrawals from tablet devices. According to recent studies, 81% of parents felt that children today spend too much time on smart devices.

    Thankfully KiddoStory™ exhibits the perfect activities to provide children with opportunities to grow mentally and physically, creating a wholesome and joyous learning experience. Crafted to feel premium, lightweight, and portable to be used anywhere and everywhere on the go. A no-brainer to better a child’s learning experience, allowing them to have fun and explore real-world scenarios in the palm of their hands.




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