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    LavishForm™ - Rosemary Essential Hair Oil

    "It has so many applications whether you choose to add a few drops in your shampoo, conditioner, lotions or creams. I use this Rosemary Essential oil with a carrier oil and apply it to my hair and scalp. I have less frizz, my hair is softer, and my scalp feels more moisturized. This is a quality product that works well on my scalp, helped my hair to grow, and its affordable. I will continue to use this on my hair and scalp and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others."

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    There’s no doubt it’s joyful and a relieving feeling to leave home with hair that’s gorgeous and full of life, on the other hand, it can be challenging to find a solution that keeps hair healthy and looking great. Due to how artificial and chemically filled contemporary hair products are, it’s damaging and costly to seek an efficient solution. This leaves a feeling of sorrow when continuously applying chemical-filled hair products that burn the scalp and damage hair follicles diminishing overall hair health.

    Introducing LavishForm™, the rosemary essential oil that allows hair to receive the natural nutrients it requires to maintain stimulation, volume, and moisturization. LavishForm™ contains a mix of rosemary herbs that contain powerful antioxidant properties which are proven to promote healthy blood circulation, simply massage it into the scalp for reliving rejuvenation and recovery. Enjoy the sensation of lively and beautiful hair to build up confidence when out and about.


    REFRESHING LOOK & FEEL: The LavishForm™ oil works its magic by rehydrating and refreshing the scalp. Feel the icy sensation of a clean scalp and watch how the hair rejuvenates and becomes full of life and volume.

    100% NATURAL OIL: It's strategically put together with rosemary and coconut oil, LavishForm™ is preservative-free. Through natural ingredients, the oil restores vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy hair.


    MIX IT WITH OTHER FAVORITES: The oil can safely and easily be mixed with any conditioner, lotion, cream, etc. Easily implement LavishForm™ into any of the favorite everyday essentials with ease.

    MULTI-PURPOSE: There are many other use cases for the LavishForm™, for example, aromatherapy, physiotherapy, and skin care. Improve relaxation and elevate personal care with an oil that can improve the overall quality of life.



    1. Take 3-5 drops of oil onto the hand. Or add 3-5 drops to a favorite conditioner, creme, lotion, etc.
    2. Massage evenly into the scalp for 2-3 minutes or until absorbed.
    3. Optionally rinse hair out, it's advised to wait 5-10 minutes before doing so.

    We understand the irritation and complexity of just wanting to have beautiful and healthy hair, but all the different products you apply are doing much more harm to your hair than good. It can be dreadful to spend tons of hard-earned money on countless ineffective products that seem to have no benefit in maintaining moisturized and healthy hair. According to recent studies, 1 in 4 women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss and is not bound by age or ethnicity.

    Thankfully LavishForm™ is the necessary essential oil to keep hair moisturized and stimulated, providing hair with natural oils, herbs, and nutrients that are required for stronger and healthier hair. Have the benefit of simplicity by massaging the oil into the scalp by seamlessly adding it to any conditioner or lotion. Enjoy a natural and effective product that elevates hair health, let the LavishForm™ work its magic in granting hair that’s full of life and beauty while out in about.




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