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    LightPeak™ - Military Grade Bright Flashlight

    Wow. This relatively small, fit in your hand, flashlight knocked my socks off. I took this thing outback in the pitch black. When I turned it on, it became day! Wow, for the money..., you own a Hollywood spotlight!

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    It’s no question that camping is truly one of America’s greatest past times, however, the wilderness doesn’t always provide a well-lit and safe environment. Due to how weak ordinary flashlights are, there is a feeling of fear and uncertainty when it’s impossible to seek awareness and closure of far and nearby surroundings. This leaves a feeling of sorrow and low spirits which not only ruins a camping trip, but it strips away the enjoyment and peacefulness that the outdoors is meant to bring.

    Introducing the LightPeak™, a uniquely constructed military-graded flashlight with over-the-top brightness that establishes closure in dark areas. The LightPeak™ is built with military-grade material and top-of-the-line technology including the XHP70 LED chip for 90,000 lumens for extreme brightness durability to maximize the joy of the adventure. Enjoy a camping trip with the peace of mind of having a portable and powerful light source to enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.


    ✅ WATER-RESISTANT & DURABLE: The LightPeak™ is built with military-grade ​waterproof aviation aluminum alloy. This type of build is strategically constructed to withstand various collisions, falls, splashes of water, and definitely much more.

    OVER-THE-TOP BRIGHTNESS: LightPeak is assembled with the XHP70 LED chip for 90,000 lumens and an amazing range of up to 1650 ft. The powerful light allows for any setting to be will-lit and exposed for calmness and comfort.

    EFFICIENT & FAST CHARGE BATTERY: Built with USB optimal fast charging, the LightPeak™ lasts up to 12 hours in low mode, there is also the option to switch out batteries. Have a flashlight that’s always ready to shine bright for longer durations.

    ✅ LIGHTING & ZOOM MODES: The LightPeak™ offers a light zooming feature along with adjustable power lighting modes. This ability caters to any outdoor situation and has the ability to illuminate any setting and brightly see surroundings from far and close.



    We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with darkness and not be able to see well during a night out camping. It can be disappointing to be bored and stuck in a tent during nightfall due to the lack of a strong and scope light source and unawareness of nearby and distant surroundings. According to a survey, camping becomes more popular over the years and at least 64% of 6 million households go multiple times a year, which is why it's important to carry a reliable life-saving flashlight.

    Thankfully, the powerful brightness of the LightPeak™ flashlight allows visibility in any dark setting making it essential and a necessity for every camping trip. The LightPeak™ not only has an unbelievably high flashing light, but it’s military-grade durable and water resistant making it suitable for any kind of adventure. Finally, the ultimate life saver to turn dark and uncertain times into bright and shining memory-filled camping trip experiences.


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    LightPeak™ - Industrial Military Grade Flashlight

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