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    LoveShores™ - Sand Proof Beach Mat

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    "Perfect for having kids that fling/track sand at the beach! I hate having sand where I lay out and this was the perfect addition to my beach bag. Sand falls right through and leaves me with a sand free area!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kayla Reynolds
    Verified Buyer


    One of the essential aspects of a delightful beach experience is being able to lay down on a towel, listen to the soothing ocean waves, and absorb the warm sunlight. However, constantly having a sand-filled towel makes it impossible to lie down comfortably and relax, leading to a sense of discomfort. This leaves constant frustration to fully embrace the beach which can not only make time at the beach stressful but can strip away the peace it is supposed to provide.

    Introducing the LoveShores™, the sand-proof beach mat that ensures convenience and satisfaction for a relaxing day at the beach without getting towels and belongings full of sand. Through uniquely constructed polyurethane weaving, the material allows sand to effortlessly pass through the surface, keeping towels on top with significantly less sand. Enjoy a perfect day at the beach with a clean, sand-free towel, to fully intake the time under the sun in peace.


    SAND PROOF: The LoveShores™ is assembled through polyurethane weaving allowing sand to fall through the material. Experience a beach day with sand-free towels and belongings.

    ✅ EASY CLEAN-UP: The LoveShores™ is simple to fold and fits into the provided drawstring bag, it’s also washing machine safe. It’s simple and brief to pack up and clean making pack-up time a breeze.

     WATER RESISTANT: The material additionally provides resistance to water. The LoveShores™ remains lightweight and dry, therefore, time under the sun always remains clean and comfortable.

    ✅ WINDPROOF: 4 stakes are included to have the ability to peg down the LoveShores™ mat to the sand. This feature provides peace of mind from the wind, it always stays secure and firmly in place.


    We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with a constantly sandy towel while you are trying to enjoy a day at the beach. It can be aggravating trying to wipe, air out, and wiggle your towel, only to find that the sand stubbornly continues to build up and cling to it. Recent studies show damage can be made to washing machines by laundering towels and swimsuits that are full of sand.

    The LoveShores™ is the perfect beach mat to make beach days clean and tidy, and most importantly less sandy. Crafted with polyurethane weaving, sand easily falls through the mat serving as an essential tool to have for any beach day. Enjoy the best beach days ever with an effective mat that provides convenience and sand-free towels to relax on under the nice hot sun.




    (1) X LoveShores™ Mat

    (4) X Stakes

    (1) X Drawstring Bag

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