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    MeRing™ - Pilates Resistance Ring

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    “The pilates ring is perfect for stretching and strengthening. I have been using it for some time in my weight class. It works great to strengthen the abductors and stretch the hamstrings. We use it to press together with the hands during crunches. Great resistance tool and highly recommended.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Bertha A. Ochoa
    Verified Buyer


    During stacked long workweeks, it can become tough to find the time to go to the gym or to find the motivation to work out at home without any equipment. Due to an inadequate motivating atmosphere at home, it can steer the motive away from staying consistent with exercising. This leaves discouragement and the lack of willpower to exercise at home finding it uninspiring and boring, especially when life gets busy.

    Introducing MeRing™, the yoga resistance ring that offers an array of exercises that complement a yoga session by targeting different muscle groups through optimal exercises. The resistance ring provides full-body training and workouts from the comfort of home. A new addition to any yoga or training routine that promotes muscle growth throughout the body, for anyone that needs a boost in a desire to workout.


    ™ is specially designed through considerations and experiments to build muscle effectively. This allows the opportunity to feel and gain desired results.

     EASY TO USE: Straightforward exercises and easy-to-use functionality allows for a truly enjoyable workout. Simply target the body part and push or pull on the resistance of the versatile MeRing

    ✅ FULL BODY WORKOUT: Designed to offer numerous exercises and strengthen targeted areas around the body. An exciting tool that encourages rehabilitation and intensity to create an effective pilates workout.

    PADDED CUSHION: Comprised of dual-sided comfortable foam pads on each side of the MeRing
    ™. This allows for the most comfortable and cushioned workout to maintain momentum during every workout.



    We understand that finding joy to exercise at home when the atmosphere does not allow for it becomes challenging to start or stay consistent. Whether we do not have the time to grab a gym membership or the budget to spend considerable money to purchase equipment, the motivation to exercise continues to dwindle. According to many studies, home fitness became more popular following Covid, which is why it’s time to think creatively to suit your fitness goals best.

    Thankfully MeRing™, adds spice to home fitness by encouraging fantastic resistance exercises to acquire toner and bigger muscles. Simply target different muscle groups through optimal resistance exercises and movements. Promoting total body wellness and inspiration is essential to a great workout, MeRing™ is the key to achieving body and motivational goals from the comfort of home.




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