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    PeaceHoot™ - White Noise Machine

    “We have had this since she was a newborn and now she's almost 6 months old. We love it and used it a lot when she was a newborn and still use it every night. So easy to use and perfect sound. We use mostly the white noise feature. Love that it's so portable and can attach to anything. One of the cheapest and best purchases. I'll use this with each baby. Seriously a must have!!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Charisa Parsons
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    It’s no question one of the best feelings in the world is waking up well-rested, on the other hand, good rest can be hard to come by while taking care of a baby. Babies can’t help but feel frightened and cry throughout the day and night, thus leaving parents feeling sleep-deprived and weak. Poor quality rest results in a decline in body function and a weakened immune system which not only will be detrimental to the body but can have the entire household feeling miserable.

    Introducing the PeaceHoot™, the premium and cute white noise machine with a compact and portable design, have an aid anywhere on the go to obtain quality rest. The PeaceHoot™ positively contributes to any sleep routine through a promise of premium quality, wondrous peace, seamless portability, and an exceptional night's rest. Experience the joy and blessings of parenthood while being a lively well-rested family.


    SOOTHING SOUNDS - The PeaceHoot™ features harmonious sounds, from the soothing sounds of ocean waves to a lullaby tune that will put anyone to sleep. Experience peace from the simple press of a button.

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    SLIGHT & COMPACT - It easily fits in a bag or backpack with its lightweight and sleek design. Carry the sounds of peace everywhere on the go, to wake up well-rested every day, anywhere.

    SILICON STAP - Each PeaceHoot™ has an attached silicone strap. This grants parents the freedom to place the machine in unique places, for example, in a stroller, on a diaper bag, and more opportunities to get creative.

    BUILT-IN TIMER - The PeaceHoot™ includes an easy-to-use built-in timer that can be set to 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Experience peace hands-free with the low-maintenance tool that will shut off automatically.

    SIMPLE TO NAVIGATE - Built to be easy to use, pop in the batteries, and it’s ready to go. Constructed with straightforward navigation and a minimalist design, so simple that even a baby can figure it out.


    We understand how draining it can be to get your precious child to go or remain asleep while trying to get the rest you deserve. It can be exhausting and irritating going throughout your day unrested and inefficient. A recent study shows that 43% of parents with babies only get one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep on a regular basis.

    The PeaceHoot™ is the perfect white noise machine for any person who is expecting or already has a child. The PeaceHoot™ not only aids children to sleep, but it’s portable and convenient to utilize and carry anywhere. Enjoy the energized lifestyle every family deserves with a tool that provides peace, portability, and an exceptional night's rest.




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