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    RayWay™ - Solar Pathway LED Lights


    “I really like having solar lighting in my space. The maintenance-free, set it up and forget it, makes it hard not to love them.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nikki
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    Spending thousands of dollars on overly expensive lighting gear and contractors to beautify proprietaries with aesthetically pleasing lights can cause more stress and cost than reason. Homeowners find it difficult to afford the set-up to illuminate the yard without breaking the bank or hassling to set it up alone. This adds unease to many homeowners who want to decorate the home yet don't have the availability or the budget to front the costs.

    Introducing RayWay, The Solar Pathway LED lights that decorate and illuminate any outdoor setting with 360° Super Bright Lighting. These premium LED lighting decorates and illuminates the home at a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the time. Perfect for homeowners that want the ideal quality and the best bang for their buck when decorating the homes.


    : Designed with solar-powered lighting that collects and stores energy during the day to produce 8-12 hours of continuous lighting at night after a 6-8hr charge. This takes away the worry about the brightness going down, and more importantly, a hefty electricity bill.

    UNIQUE LIGHT DESIGN: Its unique lighting system is designed with a black exquisite appearance and crystal transparent cover. This creates a textured and charming pattern when illuminating the home.

    ✅ COLOR MODES & MULTI-PURPOSEEquipped with powerful LED lamp beads and high transmittance lampshades. This creates more brightness than the traditional solar lights in the following modes; multi-color and warm white.

    ✅ WATERPROOF & WEATHERPROOF: The solar lights are upgraded with IP67 advanced sealing, durability, and waterproof technology. This prevents unfavorable weather conditions from damaging the lights.



    1. Remove the film from the solar panel.
    1. Twist the stake pole into the light.
    1. Stick the stake pole into the ground and enjoy!

    We understand that the notion people have that decorating homes is costly, time-consuming, and adds stress in the pursuit of balancing price and quality. Hear the many distinct opinions from family, friends, and contractors about the best course of action to take, the entire becomes taxing. Studies according to 2022 lighting trends suggest that the simplicity of adding outdoor lighting heightens the beauty of a landscape.

    Thankfully, RayWay Solar Led Lights offers beautiful lighting that illuminates the texture and tones of the patio, pathway, and just about anything for low cost and premium quality. These lights take away the need to spend the time that homeowners don't have or hire an expensive contractor. Now spend the outdoors with loved ones during warm days knowing little money and little effort was exerted.





    (2) X RayWay™ Lights

    (2) X Stake Extender Poles & Tubes

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