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    RelaxWave™ - Pressure Point Therapy Hand Massager

    “I had been suffering with some wrist issues and my hands have been a little achy all from computer work I’m sure. I see my hand therapist once a month for treatment but this hand massager works excellent in between therapy appointments. I use it once a week or twice while I’m watching TV. It’s so relaxing I often doze off lol. I have had my family try it and they all loved it! My sister even thought that I might have wasted my money until she used it a few times and now she is going to buy one for herself! Lol!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lisa Bowers
    Verified Buyer


    After a long day of typing and clicking on the computer, it can be painful to feel numbness and uncontrollable tingling in the hands and wrists. This leaves computer work to be dreadful, undesirable, and potentially cause lifelong injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. The cycle of discomfort can leave clerical workers stressed and unmotivated in their workplace.

    Introducing RelaxWave™, the pressure point therapy hand massager that serves as a hand lifesaver providing a customizable hand massage from home. The RelaxWave™ massages the entire hand and wrist through combined air pressure and heat compersion for the most pleasing relief. Enjoy the rejuvenation, and look forward to a soothing hand massage after a busy work day.


    CUSTOMIZABLE MASSAGE: The RelaxWave™ offers different massage modes with the ability to select the intensity of the massage. Customize the massage as desired and target pain exactly where it’s needed.

    ✅ COMPRESSION THERAPY: Through compression and acupuncture technology, the RelaxWave™ works to ease all parts of the hand. Pamper every part of the hand to ensure the highest relaxation and ease.

    CORDLESS & PORTABLE: The RelaxWave™ massage machine is conveniently lightweight, wireless, and rechargeable. At 11.8in by 6.3in, this makes it convenient to use at home, or anywhere on the go.

    HEAT THERAPY: The soothing heat reduces soreness, numbness, and, cold hands, and improves blood circulation. The RelaxWave™ not only aids the hand but it improves the health and wellness of the hand.



    We understand the pain and struggle of typing on a keyboard for extended periods of time and the difficulty of finding effective solutions for relief. It can be worrisome when your job performance begins to dwindle and the pain becomes more intense over time. According to a recent study, 81% of clerical workers, for example, office setting jobs, were found to have carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Thankfully RelaxWave™ is the new essential to keep hands proficient and healthy through combined air pressure and heat compersion. Simply slide the hand and wrist into the RelaxWave™, through pressure point therapy feel the soreness, numbness, and or stiffness melt away. Enjoy a well-deserved break with RelaxWave™, letting it assist in concluding a job well done.




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