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    SoftCurves™ - Cozy Fleece Lined Leggings


    "So I’m a leggings snob. I need soft ones little cotton soft not ones that snag on your skin if your skin is the slightest bit dry, I want thick, high waisted, tummy control, flattering, comfortable. Let’s just say alot of high end leggings don’t even make the cut for me. These are hands down the best I’ve ever purchased. I’m buying another pair to have a change. They are worth every single penny!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - MomChaosCoordinator
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    Staying warm and stylish can sometimes conflict with different types of clothing due to flaws in design and trends. Nothing beats stylish and fashionable leggings, but in most cases, they are not ideal or cozy in colder weather and it becomes inconvenient and not worth the annoyance. This leaves outdoor lovers in discomfort and coldness, stripping away the peacefulness that the outdoors is meant to be.

    Introducing SoftCurves™, the Cozy Fleece Lined Leggings that make it so much easier and simple to stay warm while showcasing stunning fashion and curves. The SoftCurves™ are uniquely designed with premium warm fleece and lined stretchy fabric which allows for maximum comfort and beauty. Enjoy the outdoors in comfort, wear the SoftCurves™ in any setting, and feel confident and covered in style.



    CURVEY-LINED STRETCH: The SoftCurves™ are lined with stretchy and snug fabric. The SoftCurves™ reveal the beauty of the body while providing maximum comfort and security.

    COZY FLEECE INTERIOR: Easily enjoy the outdoors with the sensation of buttery soft fabric and cozy fleece. The SoftCurves™ provide the freedom to roam in any kind of climate comfortably.

    NON-SEE THROUGH: The SoftCurves™ are strategically crafted with premium polyester and spandex. Ease the mind with leggings that are non-see-through, skin-friendly, and always keep their shape.

    HIGH WAIST FIT: The Priemum leggings include a 5-inch wide waistband. This keeps the SoftCurves™ rolled up and firm so the leggings are always safe and secure around the waist.


    We understand that getting the chills while trying to enjoy the outdoors can feel unpleasant fully defeating the purpose of staying warm and stylish simultaneously. Constantly having to choose style over comfort becomes frustrating, and we start limiting the time we spend out and about. According to recent studies, more than half of women say they can’t make it through two months of wintery weather.

    Thankfully SoftCurves™ reduces the time and effort to pick a cozy and stylish pair of leggings, to spend more time having fun out and about. These fleece-lined leggings highlight curves and beauty while simultaneously keeping the body warm in various weather conditions. Enjoy showing off the curves, along with a cozy, comfortable, and trendy outdoor experience.




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