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    TotShield™ - Waterproof Child Car Seat Protector

    “We have a toddler and with toddlers or kids in general come messes! Got a new car and put these on the seat. So far so good. Been a few weeks and they’ve done what they should… protect my red leather seats from little kid messes”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Jennifer Phillips
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    Car seats are always at risk of spills, stains, and accidents and it’s especially inevitable with little ones in the car. Not having proper car seat protection can lead to children causing costly damage and untidiness throughout the vehicle interior. This leaves a neverending tense feeling which can not only make car rides stressful but result in a never-ending cycle of added vehicle expenses.

    Introducing TotShield™, the waterproof child car seat protector designed to be placed underneath baby carriers to shield car seats from messes or spills for the cleanest car ride. TotShield™ features a waterproof and easy-to-clean surface that provides maximum protection against accidents. Enjoy peace of mind while traveling with children, and make car rides safe and enjoyable.


    WATERPROOF MATERIAL: TotShield™ is crafted with high-quality waterproof cloth fabric. This feature makes it seamless to wipe up spills and stains for quick and easy cleanup.

    NON-SLIP MESH: Built with safety in mind, TotShield™ is designed with non-slip mesh and rubber dots. The technology allows for baby carriers to stay in place for superior security.

    STORAGE SPACE: The seamless storage compartment makes it easy to travel with vital goods. TotShield™ is a lifesaver, having quick access to toys, snacks, books, and other essentials.

    UNIVERSAL FIT: The vast coverage of the TotShield™ makes it a universal fit to protect most vehicle seats. The flexibility allows for multiple vehicles to stay protected and clean.


    We understand the irritation and stress that parents face in their travels with their children; you can only do so much to prevent them from creating a mess. It can be dreadful traveling without the appropriate gear that protects the interior of the vehicle. According to studies, some families find it pointless to clean their vehicles as it will just get messy again, and others find themselves cleaning their vehicles weekly.

    Thankfully TotShield™ provides maximum protection to vehicle car seats resulting in clean, joyful, and stress-free car rides. Designed with safety in mind, the waterproof and easy-to-clean surface keeps vehicle interiors clean while keeping baby carriers protected and securedin place. Enjoy every car ride with an increase of peace of mind by keeping car seats shielded and children protected during travels.




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