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    TravelBuds™ - Protective Trunk Cover Seat

    “This is easy to install, really versatile, and super helpful! This offers great coverage. Has plenty of ways to anchor it and really works. Muddy paws don’t scare me.... now if only I could find a way to keep nose prints off the rear windows!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Raquel
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    Ensuring the inside of the car stays clean and unmarked at all times when traveling with dogs is among the many woes of dog owners. Because of the inability for dogs to not shed or drool all over car seats, this leaves car owners with the extra responsibility to continuously clean after the car. Especially for longer-duration car rides, the car becomes scratched and it leaves the dog owners to just accept it for reality and that nothing can be changed.

    Introducing TravelBuds, the Protective Trunk Cover Seat that protects the car seats from scratches, shedding hair, drool, and other kinds of messes that dogs usually make. These protective covers allow the car to remain clean at all times during travel and avoid potential damages to the seats that may bring extra unwanted expenses. Without a doubt, pet owners can now travel in peace knowing that dogs feel comfortable throughout the trip and post-cleaning will not be involved.


    ✅ FULL COVERAGE & UNIVERSAL FIT: The covers adjust in size to fit the space of any car and are designed with flexible material to allow full coverage. This warrants no space left uncovered which assures car owners the calmness that every corner is protected from being scratched including the side walls.

    ✅ DURABLE & WATERPROOF: Quilted with 4 water-resistant layers and wear-proof oxford fabric that adds extra durability to the covers. This protects the car from different types of messes and allows the car owner to easily clean off the mess by wiping or vacuuming the covers.

    ✅ NON-SLIP & STABILITY: Stitched with anti-slip rubber backing that texturizes the covers to offer more stability and added strong velcros on both sides to avoid the side panels to slide around. No need to worry about speed bumps or quick turns to take away from the full coverage and keep the dogs from sliding around.

    ✅ STORAGE BAG: The cover seat is attached with a storage bag to store dog essentials in an organized manner. Place a dog water bottle in the storage bag knowing that it won’t fall over and spill over the seats.


    We understand that traveling with pets, in general, can create wear and tear to your car at a faster rate and create more opportunities to clean for basic cleanliness in the car. Watching your dogs drool when they are hot, slide and jump over speed bumps and quick turns, and scratch the seats and sides, when they are excited, happens quite often. An article explains that dog owners influence and determine the type of cars people buy due to the very nature of dogs being dogs.

    Thankfully, TravelBuds protective car seats allow dog owners to choose the car they want, knowing well enough of the messes and damages dogs are capable of making. These car seats are built with anti-slip durable and waterproof material designed to adjust in size relative to the space of the car to allow full coverage and full protection. Now dog owners can enjoy the life of dog owners while dogs can enjoy being dogs.




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