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    YumHunt™ - Dog Snuffle Mat


    “This was bigger than I expected and full of places to hide food. It is very full and thick, and it takes time for our dog to find everything. Great product!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kari
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    Dogs that eat meals instantly without taking the time to enjoy the food results in wanting more from the parents right after. Since dogs learn through reinforcement methods, for dog owners to use sharp and harsh commands to deny additional feeding only creates a negative reinforcement loop. This leaves dog owners frustrated when refusing to give more food and the cute puppy dog eyes does not make it any easier.

    Introducing YumHunt, the dog snuffle mat that stores and hides food in various sniffing obstacles, using colors and materials that peaks the dog's interest in working for the food. A toy enrichment tool that takes away the opportunity to eat the entire meal in a single gulp like a vacuum and lets dogs enjoy the food for a longer duration. Consequently, dogs are more satisfied with the meal, quenching dog’s hunger immediately and allowing dog owners to enjoy dinner in peace.

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    INTERACTIVE SEARCH: Created with an abundance of flowers mixed with blue, yellow, and red colors and the outer ring of grass designed to disperse and cover different-sized food. This interactive setup allows the dogs to tap into the natural canine abilities, stimulating the sense of smell and curbing boredom.

    ✅ NON-TOXIC DURABLE MATERIAL: Made with high-quality non-toxic durable and odorless oxford cloth material. Safe for dogs to play in and avoids the matt to be teared up easily, which could lead to suffocation.

    ✅ DISTRACTION TO CHEWING FURNITURE: This enrichment tool also reduces the dog’s stress and influences relaxation by giving dogs a task to occupy the time with. Hence, this takes away the dog's need to cope with stress through other means like ruining the home's furniture or aggressively reacting to unexpected noises.

    ✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS: Regardless of the size and type of dogs pet owners have, YumHunt is suitable for everyone. It is a fun and easy way for dogs to exercise the brain while enjoying the meals.


    We understand that it’s difficult to not feed our dogs when they approach us in a very cute fashion asking for a home. Watching our dogs eat their meals instantaneously without giving themselves the opportunity to enjoy it leads them to approach us for more food. This leads to overeating and studies say that overeating can lead to some serious health issues.

    Thankfully YumHunt offers the best solution to overeating while stimulating and reinforcing healthier eating habits. The dog snuffles mat, strategically designed with interactive mixed-colored flowers and grass, disperses and covers the food to influence the act of hunting. This stimulates the dog’s natural abilities to hunt for food, resulting in a longer eating duration and feeling more satisfied throughout the activity. Now dogs can think, eat and play.




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