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    ZenFull™ - Crystal Singing Bowl

    "The sound quality far surpasses expectation ... this crystal bowl is a so beautiful I can only wish I purchased it long ago. Kudos for the sturdy packaging ... it arrived in a perfect state. Bravo for producing such an extraordinary" product!

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alice Oldham
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    Creating a serene and comfortable space for relaxation is paramount for maintaining a balanced and contented state of mind. Without a tranquil environment, distractions and stimulations can hinder the ability to find inner peace and recharge, resulting in anxiety and low energy. The long-term effects of an unrested mind can manifest as an unbalanced mindset, decreased energy, and motivation, and an overall sense of discontentment.

    Introducing the ZenFull™, a quartz crystal sound bowl that revitalizes the mind and body with exceptional pitch and resonating vibrations. ZenFull™ enriches meditation sessions byproviding a 432-hertz frequency that puts the mind and body into a deep relaxation, allowing for profound peace and sound healing. Enjoy the tranquil power of sound, embrace a Zen mindset, and experience heightened motivation and energy throughout the day.


    SOUND HEALING: The wondrous singing bowl provides a 432-hertz frequency that achieves brain synchronization and deep relaxation. ZenFull™ provides an experience of restoration of balance throughout the brain and body.

    COMPLEMENT MEDITATION: Additionally, ZenFull provides sounds that achieve the goals of a beneficial meditation session. Take meditation to the next level, with an aid that enhances clearance for deeper meditation.

    QUICK RELIEF: With one tap to the bowl, directly feel the power and the balance of note B crown chakra and how it revitalizes the mind. Swiftly experience astounding peace and balance effectively and naturally.

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    ✅ EASY TO USE & REWARDING: ZenFull™ is constructed to be simplistic and easy to use. In no time experience and enjoy the relaxing tone the bowl provides while mastering tempo and volume techniques.


    We understand how frustrating it can be attempting to shut off the mind and meditate but there are so many distractions in life to do so. It can be stressful and disappointing trying your best to meditate but the mind continues to race or the temptation of using your cell phone or turning on the TV arises. A recent study shows that 60% of people who meditate have a boost in energy levels, and 50% have a sense of relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.

    Thankfully, ZenFull™ serves as the perfect sound bowl to elevate and enrich meditation sessions, offering a truly transformative experience. Designed to grant balance and energy to the mind, the divine ZenFull™ aids in achieving a mindset filled with the spirit of Zen through a432-hertz frequency pitch. Embrace wondrous peace, healing sensations, and a boost of motivation and energy with this remarkable bowl, allowing for a harmonious and fulfilling meditation journey.





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